Perma-Rack ***SEE VIDEO BELOW***

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Perma-Rack ***SEE VIDEO BELOW***

See instructional video below or click here

Perma-Rack is a template to lay down the perfect rack for 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball & the good old fashion 14-1 Straight Pool. Not only will this design/idea save you money verses other racking templates but it is designed with half the thickness of the other templates allowing it to be on the table at all times without causing any deflection of the balls natural path.  This is a racking system that you can absolutely trust your opponent with when racking for you or themselves as the template cannot be manipulated. See instructional video for more details with the proper technique in setting up the last racking template you'll ever need.

Includes the template and 2 sheets/56 ring stickers.    

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