Real-A-Buoy Non-Lighted

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Real-A-Buoy Non-Lighted

Reel-A-Buoy is an innovative marker system that adds a whole new dimension to marking fishing spots. It features a built-in reel that makes retrieval easy and effective. The reel operates with an easy-to-use cranking handle that brings the line in at approximately one foot per revolution. No more time-consuming winding and no more tangled messes. The built-in counterweight keeps the buoy in place in the water and the tension lock on the reel keeps the line in place in the boat. Reel-A-Buoy floats vertically for maximum visibility, and with the optional extension flag you can see it for up to a half mile, even in the roughest conditions. (Never lose another buoy because you can't find it on the lake.) Reel-A-Buoy comes equipped with 60-feet of nylon line and will hold up to 200-feet of Dacron or monofilament line. With Reel-A-Buoy, marking fishing spots has never been so easy!