Reel-A-Buoy One Half Mile Marker Flag

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Reel-A-Buoy One Half Mile Marker Flag

Designed for use with Reel-A-Buoy... The marker with the built-in reel.

Don't lose another buoy! The Reel-A-Buoy Extension flag is designed to fit onto any Reel-A-Buoy to provide high profile visibility for over one-half mile. Excellent for long line trolling and for exceptionally windy days.

To attach the Reel-A-Buoy Extension Flag:
Simply place the wire form over the threaded end of the Reel-A-Buoy and secure with the wing nut provided.

When using the Extension Flag:
Unscrew the two halves of the Reel-A-Buoy and fill the lower half with water. Screw the halves back together to provide ballast to keep the buoy floating upright.